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Satellite TV equipment

Those in the North East can benefit from the high-quality digital TV and satellite installation Newcastle services available here at GPS Installations.

As a specialist in commercial systems, our aerial installers undertake work in multiple dwelling units, public houses, council properties, hotels and apartment blocks.

GPS Installations hold the City & Guilds qualification, 3456-1 in the Design and Installation of SMATV & IRS Networks as well as the NVQ in Electrical and Electronic Servicing (Signal Reception). With this collection of qualifications, we have been proud to be recognised by the Confederation of Aerial industries as a CAI Plus, Approved Systems Installer.

IRS System Installer

An IRS (Integrated Reception System) is a way for digital and satellite TV and radio signals to be passed to multiple points within a communal multiple dwelling building. This means tenants can subscribe to Sky, Freeview, Freesat or any other digital media service without having to add extra dishes and aerials to the building.

MATV System Installer

MATV (Master Antenna TV) is a system similar to IRS except that it only distributes TV and radio signals throughout the building. If a tenant is looking to add a satellite receiver, they would then need to install their own individual dish.

SMATV System Installer

SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna TV) systems are often used in hotels and gyms. They work much like the MATV system but with the addition of certain TV and satellite channels. They have been considered a halfway house between MATV and IRS but they aren’t installed in residential buildings to any great extent because of the demand from tenants for full digital and satellite provision.

Find the perfect digital TV and satellite installation for your needs by getting in touch and discussing your specific requirements today. Make sure you book your free site survey too, which is carried out by our experienced system designer.