Technology Integration Specialists

Audio Visual (AV) Control Systems

AMX room control system

Here at GPS Installations, we have the capability to supply, install and program audio visual (AV) control systems to facilities around Newcastle and the wider North East.

We offer equipment from all the leading manufacturers, including AMX, Crestron, Extron and Procon, so high-quality technology is assured.

In many presentation environments, there are a number of items that will need monitoring, such as a projector or LCD display screen, a DVD player, an amplifier and a PC. With our AV control systems, you no longer need to complicate things by trying to control each one separately.

Room Control Systems

Our specific room control systems offer an ideal solution to centralise all elements of your new or existing audio and video installation. This means you gain complete control over the environment you want to present in. Even at entry level, we would provide a simple push button solution to enable all of the major equipment to be controlled from a single panel.

A more sophisticated system could be set up to operate all of the functionality of each individual item of equipment — these can also be programmed for combination events. For example, a button could be programmed to switch on the projector & DVD player, automatically dim the lights, turn on the audio system, close the curtains and drop the electric screen; all from the push of a single button!

Don’t delay; get in touch and discuss your requirements and arrange for our system designer to carry out a free site survey.