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Disabled Refuge Systems

Disabled Refuge System

Operate a building with two storeys or more? Ensure you are following the law by seeking out GPS Installations for disabled refuge systems in Newcastle and nationwide.

Under current Building Regulations, all new non-domestic buildings with more than a single storey must provide ‘refuge’ areas. A refuge area is deemed to be a relatively safe place where people who may have difficulty using fire escapes can call for assistance and wait until help arrives. In the event of a fire or emergency, disabled people are evacuated to the refuge area where a communication device is available to speak to building management or the fire brigade.

We are experienced in the design and installation of disabled refuge systems which enable two-way voice communication between a refuge area and building control.

Disabled Refuge Maintenance

Ongoing regular maintenance is vital to ensure that your investment will continue to function correctly and remain fit for purpose. As such, all disabled refuge systems should be serviced in accordance with BS5839-9:2011 every three months (quarterly).

Here at GPS Installations, we can also offer you disabled refuge maintenance packages for both new and existing systems. Regular servicing and inspections will allow any faults to be detected and repaired, ensuring the system operates correctly in the event of a fire.

Get in touch to talk through your specific requirements today and take the first step to setting up your own effective disabled refuge system. Have you also discovered our superb selection of fire detection systems?