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Venues AV & Security Services

Audio Visual (AV) System in a Bar / Night Club

Venues AV Services

Most venues across Newcastle, the North East and the rest of the UK require Background / Foreground Music Systems. To start with music, the types of venue could be stadiums and arenas, pubs and nightclubs, concert halls to University student unions, venues & bars.

Venues greatly benefit from LED / LCD Screens and External Weatherproof Screens, great for live sports for pubs with beer gardens for example.

Digital Signage Screens are often used for menus at restaurants or takeaways, or for advertising events to cross-promote, making the most use of space in an engaging way.

HD Projectors and Large Format Screens are ideal for sporting events, with many venues such as the O2 Academy set in the old bingo hall in Newcastle’s city centre utilising projectors at the last world cup, an example of the versatility of space, no matter how old or big, can be utilised for AV purposes.

Satellite / Digital TV Systems are increasingly a customer requirement for most venues, especially pubs, just about as important as the kegs of beer themselves.  

Wedding venues as well as other popular venues for events such as Birthdays, Christmas parties etc all can benefit from audio visual technology.

Venues Security Services

Access Control / Key Fob Entry offer great member’s only access, for the likes of gyms, libraries, halls of residences and other Accommodation, care homes and the like.

HD CCTV with Remote Monitoring is vital for the security of key areas in venues, from stairwells in car parks and arenas, to bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

Intruder Alarm systems with Remote Monitoring are another tool to safeguard venues, and Fire Detection Systems ensure a safe all round venue.