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Projector Lamps Guide | Bright Ideas, Tips & Advice

Here at GPS Installations we believe choosing the right lamp for your projector should also be easy, so we’ve set up this useful guide that isn’t just about selling. 

We do sell literally thousands of projector lamps online, both genuine OEM or compatible, but this guide is about offering some tips and advice to help prolong the life of your projector lamp, as well of course some brilliant deals when you do need to invest in this vital element.

Projectors often burn out after approximately 3,000 hours of use on average, however some manufacturers often have up to 20,000 hours guaranteed, although do the following simple steps to keep them shining brighter for longer:

  • Ensure they are dust free, they do attract the dust like a magnet, and of course show it up – clean carefully without any harsh chemicals. Air dusters can be good if used sparingly and at a distance. Cleaning air filters and vents is very important.
  • Only handle the lamp with gloves, as greasy sweaty figures don’t mix well with the lamp.
  • Allow for good ventilation, don’t cover the vents, you want a good few inches of open air for all vents.
  • It may sound simple, but don’t leave it on burning for hours, just like candles, you only want them lit when you want the enjoyment from them.
  • Avoid switching on/off too frequently, it’s not a disco light – the surge of power when powering up causes stress on the filaments etc.
  • Ensure your settings are correct, configure the brightness and contrast to a setting right for your environment – many just leave it at the default setting. Not only can you configure the picture better, a better setting is better all round, especially as many projectors now have preconfigured themes depending on the usage, such as movies, gaming, document modes etc. Economy and “low-lamp” mode are common settings as well.

Another useful tip if your bulb suddenly stops working, is check it’s firmly in place, they can come loose. Also ensure you don’t move your lamp until it’s cool, they are more volatile when hot.
Of course the quality of both the projector and the lamp are important factors.

Quality does not necessarily paying more, whilst more expensive units and lamps often do mean better quality, this isn’t always the case. A wise investment can also save you money in the longer term as you don’t have to replace lamps as often – it’s a similar principle to the printer model, certain printers need their ink cartridges replacing more often than others.

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