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C-TEC PDA200E Induction Loop Amplifier


C-TEC PDA200E Induction Loop Amplifier

C-TEC PDA200E Induction Loop Amplifier
Product code: PDA200E

Brand: CTEC


The PDA200E is a cost-effective induction loop amplifier that is designed to drive a perimeter loop of up to 200 square metres.

It provides the following key features:

• Fully compliant as a perimeter loop system as described in BS 7594, clause 10 A3 and BS EN 60118-4 when correctly installed
• Up to 200 square metres (metal free) coverage - ideal for most ‘free space’ applications
• Two balanced / unbalanced line level inputs
• One microphone input with phantom power for electret microphones (12 V)
• Full compatibility with the Outreach plate audio input extension system
• Metal compensation control to improve intelligibility in rooms with high metal content
• Fully automatic compressor-limiter which maintains the loop signal for improved intelligibility
• Each input has a separate internal tamper-resistant control that can be manually adjusted
• Compression, output (Peak Current 3, 2, 1) and power on (Power) front panel indicators
• Short circuit protection
• Internal temperature safety cut-out to stop over heating
• Wall-mounted metal enclosure for a permanent robust installation
• Complete with installation kit, instructions and ‘loop fitted’ sticker
• Suitable for use in meeting rooms, TV lounges, places of worship, etc.